Southern Cross Court Hobart Tasmania

Southern Cross Court  Hobart Tasmania
**A great and wonderful experience**

In 2008 the Masonic Family in Tasmania was enriched with the addition of Order of the Amaranth in the opening of a new Court - Southern Cross Court No 1 at the Glenorchy Masonic Centre Hobart Tasmania.

It was no mean feat because the Court was formally Royal Adelaide Court its Meeting Place was moved from Adelaide to its new home in Glenorchy with the name change of Southern Cross Court. A very apt name for a Court (Lodge, Chapter) in Hobart.

What makes the Order of the Amaranth special? I guess the best answer to that question is as with all Masonic Order ‘its members’. From its inception in the 1860’s through to the present day the Order of the Amaranth has been known as the ‘friendly Order’ and I can truly testify to that. It’s ritual is unique and the ceremonial floor work quite inspirational.

The Court Room (Masonic Lodge Room) becomes a special place ablaze with deep royal red and gold. The ladies are known as Honoured Ladies and the men as Sir Knights. The ladies wear long colourful evening gowns and the men wear dinner suits.

What will be of interest is that for women to join all that’s needed is a proposer and two Freemasons to support your application for membership. Men must be Master Masons in good standing with their Craft Lodge.

For more information and/or membership enquiries please contact the Secretary - Rupert Lowe or to Chair Website Committee - Marie Cameron

                          **GO AMARANTH GO**