How to join

To become a member of Amaranth, one must profess a simple belief in a Supreme Being.

It follows from this that a member of Amaranth may adhere to any one of a number of the world's great religions. Equally, he or she may have a faith in a Supreme Being without being a member of a formally established faith or denomination.

Prayers are said at Court meetings, but this does not make Amaranth a religion.
The Bible is always open in an Amaranth Court. Members who revere a holy book other than the Bible are always respected in their beliefs.

Following are some frequently asked questions

Question 1: Who may join the Order of Amaranth?
Answer: All Master Masons in good standing within the Masonic Fraternity and the immediate female relatives of a Master Mason who are at least eighteen years of age.
Ladies who are not related to a Master Mason are now able to join the Order of the Amaranth upon the recommendation of two Master Masons who are in Good Standing with their Lodge along with the usual recommendations of two members of the Order of the Amaranth.

Question 2: How does one become a member of the Order of Amaranth?
Answer: By completing a petition for membership, having it signed by two present members of the Order, paying the necessary petition fee and submitting it to your local Court of Amaranth for consideration.

Question 3: What happens after I submit my petition?
Answer: Your petition will be received by the Court at its next regular meeting.

Question 4: What does the Investigating Committee do?
Answer: Legally, the committee is to check the character and qualifications of the applicant. In practice, the committee is a committee of visitation it will meet with you and get to know you. They will answer your questions about the Order of Amaranth and steps you are presently going through in order to become a member.

Question 5: Why must the Court ballot on my petition for membership?
Answer: Like any other fraternal group, the Order of Amaranth is careful about who they admit to membership.

Question 6: What happens at my initiation?
Answer: You will be conducted through the degree of the Order based on: Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity.

Question 7: What happens after my initiation?
Answer: Hopefully you will become a congenial member participating in the charitable and fraternal activities of the Order.

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