About Amaranth

**Grand Court of NSW Order of the Amaranth**

Will meet at the Bankstown Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Pde, Bankstown
on Saturday 26th November 2022 at Bankstown Sports Club for the Special Grand Court Session to welcome HL Stella Joyner SRM

Grand Royal Matron: H.L. Sylvia Lowe
Grand Royal Patron : S.K. ALan Bover
Grand Secretary: H.L. Heather Baker [email protected]

North Sydney Court No 7 NSW
Meets at the Masonic Hall, 86-88 Mann Street Gosford NSW
on the First Saturday at 12-30 pm
Dark Meeting in January

Royal Matron : H.L. Margaret Monaghan
Royal Patron: H.L. Lola White
Secretary: Judith Prince [email protected]

Hawkesbury Court No 18 NSW
Meets at the Hawkesbury Masonic Centre, 731 George Street, South Windsor
on the 1st Thursday 1.00 pm

Royal Matron : H.L. Talese Skinner
Royal Patron: H.L. Deidre Hanckel

Secretary: Donald Cobcroft

Central Lakes Court No 20 NSW
Meets at the Wyong Masonic
365 Pacific Highway, Wyong NSW 2259
on the Second Wednesday at 7-00 pm
Dark Meeting January

Royal Matron : H.L. Judy Prince
Royal Patron: S.K. Allan Almond
Secretary: Margaret Monaghan
Contact Person: [email protected]

Royal Victoria Court No 1 Victoria
Meets at the South Eastern Masonic Centre
270 Hutton Road Keysborough
on the Third Friday at 7-30 pm
December meets on the Second Friday at 7-30 pm
and in April Installation Meeting will be on the Third Friday at 6-30pm

Royal Matron : H.L. Carona Win
Royal Patron: S.K. Russell Barnard
Secretary H.L. Marie Cameron
0414 507 893 [email protected]

Endeavour Court No 2 Victoria
Meets at the Mornington Masonic Centre, Barkly Street, Mornington
on the Third Saturday at 2-00 pm

Royal Matron : H.L. Marie Cameron
Royal Patron: S.K. Ron Cameron
Secretary Helen Birch [email protected]
03 9789 6076

Officers of the Grand Court of New South Wales for 2018 - 2019
Grand Royal Matron H.L. Sylvia Lowe
Grand Royal Patron S.K. Alan Bover
Grand Associate Matron H.L Sandra Davis
Grand Associate Patron S.K. Stuart Lang
Grand Treasurer H.L. Eileen Jeffery
Grand Secretary H.L. Heather Baker
Grand Conductress H.L. Faye Ward
Grand Associate Conductress H.L.Talese Skinner
Grand Trustee 1 year H.L. Christine Wagener
Grand Trustee 2 years H.L. Kate Wallace
Grand Trustee 3 years H.L. Judith Prince
Grand Commissioner of Appeals 1 year H.L. Audrey Watson
Grand Commissioner of Appeals 2 years H.L. Eileen Webber
Grand Commissioner of Appeals 3 years H.L. Rosemary Atkinson
Grand Prelate S.K. Russell Barnard
Grand Marshal H.L. Donald Cobcroft
Grand Marshal in the East H.L. Ann Almond
Grand Marshal in the West H.L. Marie Cameron
Grand Lecturer H.L. Helen Wright
Grand Standard Bearer H.L. Lorraine Rayner
Grand Historian H.L. Margaret Monaghan
Grand Fraternal Correspondent H.L. Lola White
Grand Truth H.L.
Grand Faith H.L.
Grand Wisdom H.L. June Leahy
Grand Charity H.L. Beverley Mannix
Grand Musician H.L. Ronald Cameron
Grand Warder S.K.
Grand Sentinel S.K.
Grand Page H.L. Dalvene Sheppard
Grand Crown Bearer H.L. Dulcie Piper
Grand Sword Bearer S.K.

North Sydney Court No.7 H.L.
Hawkesbury Court No.18 H.L.
Central Lakes Court No.20 H.L.
Royal Victoria Court No.1 H.L.
Endeavour Court No.2


Shepparton Districts S.K. Gary Lusk

North Sydney Court No.7
Hawkesbury Court No.18 H.L. Donald Cobcroft Pro-tem
Central Lakes Court No,20 H.L. Ann Almond
Royal Victoria Court No.1 H.L. Marie Cameron Protem
Endeavour Court No.2 H.L. Christine Wagener Protem

NOV/Alabama H.L. Heather Baker Protem
MAY/Arizona - Donald Cobcroft Protem
APR/Arkansas – Lorraine Rayner Protem
FEB/British Columbia - Donald Cobcroft Protem
FEB/California – Eileen Jeffery Protem
FEB/Colorado - Donald Cobcroft Protem
MAY/Florida -Donald Cobcroft Protem
MAR/Georgia Lola White
OCT/Illinois – Jan Dhu
MAY/Indiana Marie Cameron
OCT/North Carolina – Bette Whyte
MAY/Ohio - Donald Cobcroft
MAR/Washington Kate Wallace