Getting Connected and Making Friends

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Getting Connected and Making Friends

The Order of the Amaranth works from the inside out - socially, fraternally and in our charitable works for those in need. There’s a close correlation with all three and becoming a member involves you in everything we do.

The tenets and teachings of the Order form the basis of who and what we are. Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity constitute the four pillars of our Order. We meet in a spirit of fraternal love and harmony and our work to raise funds for charity is always an important and a fun part of being a member.

Travel and visiting is always on the agenda and this in turn means getting connected outside the Court to which we belong.

Sometimes it hard to find a group of people to feel at home with, to become part of and involved in working together for the common good of all.
If that’s what you are seeking you may have found it in becoming a member of the Order of the Amaranth.

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Interested in membership give me a call on 0414 597 893 or send me an email an on [email protected] and I’ll get straight back to you.